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Online Astrology Consultation

Online Astrology Consultation serices are one of the best way to consult an astrologer/Jyotish via online  for those who stay's outside Mumbai or India for them our Online Consultation Services are available.

We at Jyotish Karyalay  provides online astrology/ Jyotish services like Prediction, Kundli/Horoscope/Janma Parika making, Birth chart compatibility, Match Making, Rashifal & many more.

We analyzes your horoscope and gives you the best Vedic Astrology remedies and solutions.

Today's modern science can only tell us what's happening in the present times but Astrology, the unending mystery is a science that even tells us what's in store for the future. The word Jyotish can be said to have derived from the word "Light" , as it is said to be a candle or "jyoti" of Hope in the darkness of a person's life. There was no technology or scientific devices in the past times then too the knowledgeable saints of India just taking into consideration the observations from their eye defined this advanced science that was "Astrology or Jyotish". And now the modern science has enabled us to provide you the services of such a mysterious science- Astrology anywhere in the world through the means of technologies like Internet. Jyotish is the most ancient and significant science in the world that has been said to be the eyes or the sense of vision for the Vedas. As stated earlier, all other sciences just describe the present but Astrology or Jyotish describes and revolves around the Past, Present and Future.

Benefits of Online Astrology Services

  • Astrology is always taken into consideration when performing many auspicious events such as Marriage, Janma Kundli etc.
  • The astrological principals of India are the most fascinating and accurate.
  • The people living in or around Mumbai can easily access Astrologer of Jyotish karyalay and can meet him in person.
  • In all, we can say that Online Astrology services are a boon for all the people living away from Mumbai, the distance might be of Indian Cities or it may be of globalized countries.

What is included in Online Astrology Services?

For taking online astrology services you need to give us your birth details that are your Date of Birth, Time Of Birth and Place Of Birth and for Match Making you need to send us Birth details of both Male & Female by E-Mail so as to enable us to give you your Online Astrological Report.

In online Astrology services provided by Astrologer of Jyotish Karayalay one can get suitable astrological advice according to his/her query online that is by the means of E-Mail, Skype Hangout Call/Chat etc.

How to take a Appointment  for Online Consultation ?

Step 1.     Send your Birth details & Questions with detail description by email,  View Sample questions , Questions should be in this format

Step 2.     Our Assistant will approve the Questions & will tell you to Pay the fees. Fees details & Payment options are given below. Bank Account details will be given to you by email.

Step 3.     Once you will pay the fees, Available Date & time slots for Phone consultation will be given to you by email.

Step 4.     Once the appointment gets confirmed, then, you can Skype Call/ Phone at the time of appointment & can discuss things with Jyotish Panchal. Number to call will be provided to you by email.

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